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Significant challenges in prisons

Prisons are facing several significant challenges today. Research and discuss issues such as overcrowding, gangs, prison rape, and budget issues. Research and discuss the cause of each of the above issues.

Explain the impact of each issue on the administration of the correctional system. Suggest resolutions based on research, and use examples. The research should include discussion of state and federal legislative initiatives.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 3-4 pages:
    • Select 3 of the following issues to research for this assignment:
      • Overcrowding
      • Gang activity
      • Sexual assault
      • Budget and funding
      • Drug use
      • Officer corruption
    • For each of your selected issues from above, answer the following questions:
      • What are the primary causes of the issue? Explain in detail, and use research to support your findings.
      • How has the issue impacted individual correctional facility administrations on a local scale? Explain in detail.
        • Be sure to consider and critique existing prison or jail policies.
      • How has the issue impacted the correctional system on a global scale? Explain.
        • Be sure to consider any federal or state mandates and legislation regarding the issue.
      • Based on your research, what action do you recommend to help alleviate this issue? You must fully support your arguments.


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