Sexual Therapy

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Refer to “Couples Therapy,” from the Encyclopedia of Women’s Health (2004) andMarital Therapy,” from the Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology (2004) for help in completing this assignment.

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Sexual Therapy Worksheet

Directions:The table below contains multiple approaches to sexual therapy. Be sure to cite any information included in the table.An example has been provided for you. Provide the founders, main concepts, and goal(s) of each therapy.

TherapyFounderMain ConceptsGoal

Brief Strategic Therapy

Shoham and Rohrbaugh

(Fauchier&Margolin, 2004, para. 11)

Identify the connection between a person’s attempt to solve a problem and the negative outcomes caused by the attempt.Once identified, steps can be taken to overcome them. The sole focus is on the problems determined and defined by the client(s), not identifying different problems that may be present(Fauchier&Margolin, 2004, para. 11-12).Reduce the person’s attempts to solve the problem(s) that are resulting in negative outcomes, and increase the tolerance of others involved (Fauchier&Margolin, 2004, para. 11-12).







Cognitive Behavioral







Integrated Behavioral







Emotion Focused







Family Systems







Solution Focused   



Fauchier, A.,&Margolin, G. (2004). Marital therapy. In C. D.Spielberger (Ed.), Encyclopedia of applied psychology.


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