Selecting a Case Study

Selecting a Case Study

To complete the final paper, the u10a1 Case Study Analysis, you will analyze a given case study from an ethical and legal perspective. If you have not already examined the u10a1 assignment and its scoring guide, do so at this time.

For the Selecting a Case Study assignment, begin your work on the final paper by choosing any one of the three cases presented in the Case Study Options document (linked in the Resources below).

I CHOOSE CASE 3 – An Adolescent Acting Out with Risky Behaviors

Write a brief summary (1–2 pages) addressing the following:

Identify the case study you want to analyze.

Briefly propose how you would handle the predicament presented in the case.

State which ethical code(s) could be violated, depending on how you choose to handle the case.

Identify which (if any) state (FLORIDA STATE) statutes governing your conduct are relevant to the case.

Identify five relevant resources you propose to use to support your analysis. (These resources may change as you develop the paper.) Cite your resources using APA (6th Edition) style and format.

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