SAS vs. Toxic Companies Assignment

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SAS vs. Toxic Companies Assignment. Now that you have read the article on toxic companies, I want you to hear about a non-toxic company. The company, SAS, was mentioned in the article you read. Watch the video clips provided in the links below. The first one is a clip from about 2010 from CNN. The second link is to a 60 Minutes CBS news show that aired in 2003. It chronicles some of the amazing perks that SAS employees receive.

SAS yearly makes the top 5 list on Fortune Magazine’s annual list of best companies to work for in America.

After you have watched the video clips on YouTube, make an initial posting in the discussion area providing your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. Many of you will think that what SAS does just makes common sense. With that thought in mind, why do you think more companies do not follow SAS’s model in how it treats its employees?
  2. Think of a company you are familiar with that would be considered toxic in some aspects of how it treats it employees (maybe you work for one). Why do you think they engage in toxic principles, and why don’t they stop?

Length Requirement.The length of your original posting should be equivalent to at least 1 double-spaced page of writing with 1” margins and Times Roman 12 point font.


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