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Sales Management Assessment


Repeat Assessment 2022


Sales Management

CA percentage of overall grade for module: 60%

Repeat Strategy (please tick the relevant box)Repeat CARepeat Exam


Please read the Worldwide Equipment Case very carefully several times before tackling the questions.

Your answers, while largely rooted in the case (except Q6) need to be backed up by wider academic reading where appropriate. This will help you to expand upon your answers and add robustness, while also making them less subjective. Approx. five academic references should be used here. Please include a Harvard style bibliography.

Please do not use blogs or any non-academic references – this includes Hubspot. Recent textbooks, the lecture slides and academic journals are the only place to source your material.

With case study assignments there is a risk of re-writing much of the case so please be careful to digest the information and tackle the answers in your own words. Your Turnitin similarity should be less than 15% in this instance.

Q1. What are the immediate issues for Frank Wang?

Q2. What are the longer term issues?

Q.3. What does a changing Sales environment mean for the company and Wang?

Q.4 What are the core competencies that the sales force must develop to win business in the textile industry? Please justify your answer with theory.

Q5. Is the Sales Management system at Worldwide Equipment effective? Discuss and back up your argument.

Q.6. Draw up a training programme that will improve Weiman’s skills as a salesperson – this should be very specific and detailed, covering all aspects of the skills required to be an effective salesperson.

Q.7. Is Wang a good Sales Manager? Discuss using theory please.

Q.8. If you were Frank Wang what would you do next? Don’t forget the ‘managing up’ aspect or dealing with Yu, Frank’s boss.

Due Date: Sunday July 17th at 21.00 (9.00pm) through Turnitin.

Wordcount: 3000 -3500 words approx.

CA percentage of overall grade for module: 40%


You are required to write an essay on the topic:

Relationship Selling – Changing the Sales Function for the Better

Some Important Points

This is an academic assignment so using blogs or any Internet sources is not permitted. This includes (but is not limited to) sites such as Wikipedia, Investopedia, Business Balls, Coursehero and Hubspot.

Acceptable (and recommended sources) include the lecture slides, recent Sales textbooks including the Jobber and Lancaster recommended text and academic journals that can be accessed through the library.

You must include at least five academic articles in your research from journals such as The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, The Journal of Retailing, the Harvard Business Review or any Marketing/Business journals.

Please do not include any lists in your assignment. This is a discussion piece where you demonstrate comprehension of the topic – a list does not add any criticality and is usually lifted from another source.

Your bibliography should be Harvard style and your essay should start with an Introduction and end with a Conclusion. Please note that an Introduction is not a list in the form of a paragraph of everything you intend to write about. Equally a Conclusion is not a summary of everything you have already discussed.

Word count: approx. 2500 – 3000 words

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