Rogerian structure in a formal letter to your friend (provide a name, and the gender is up to you) in which you argue for a specific destination for spring break.

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750 Word Essay. Background: Your best friend, Taylor, doesn’t want the typical drunken spring
break on a beach crowded with obnoxious people. Taylor, on art and anthropology major, wants to
go to Papua, New Guinea (PNG) for spring break. PNG is an exotic Pacific island with beautiful No results found.
beaches, wonderful diving and snorkeling opportunities among the coral reefs, and fascinating
cultures. More than 800 difierent languages are spoken there, though English is one of the official
languages. Although PNG is a British commonwealth country, it boasts a plethora of native cultures
worth studying; indeed, one of its indigenous tribes still practices cannibalism. It’s a fascinating and
beautiful location. The problem is that PNG is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Its
human rights record is deplorable, especially regarding women. Rape is a serious threat The
overall crime rate is one of the highest in the world. Carjackings and robberies are common, and
skilled pickpockets abound. Moreover, because PNG is fifteen time zones away from Central
Daylight Time, jet lag is a serious concern to and from there. You wish to go elsewhere for spring
break. Make sure your first paragraph establishes common ground and values that you and Taylor
share. (Be creative.) What do you both want from this spring break trip? Make some concessions up 5
front to Taylor-under what circumstances might a trip to PNG be feasible? What do you find
interesting about PNG? Never take an adversarial tone with Taylor. Establish the problem in your


second paragraph. Focus first on your concerns about a spring break trip to PNG. Then, establish

the destination you would like Taylor to consider instead and-broadly-the reasons for it (This will

be your thesis sentence.) Indeed-unusually, the thesis sentence is not at the end of your first No results found.

paragraph for this essay. The rest of your essays body paragraphs should flow from the thesis.

Your topic sentences (Use PIE to help you stay on track if you tend to wander in your paragraphs)

explain the reasons for visiting this alternative destination that you develop through examples and

research. Maintain a respectful tone. Do not tell your friend (sjhe is “wrong” or that you have a

better” idea. Simply establish your alternative location as a win-win solution. NOTE: to establish a

solution to the problem, make sure you’ve found a destination that meets Taylor’s requirements as

well as your own requirements. Focus in your body paragraphs on how this destination works for

both of you. Your conclusion re-establishes your and your friend’s shared goals and values. It

should sum up the points of your argument for a specific destination and reiterate why it’s a good

choice for you both. CAUTION: It’s easy in this essay to drift into informal language. We don‘t speak 5

to our friends formally, after all. However, you must write formally anyway, because the purpose of 5

your essays is to demonstrate academic formality. Research Requirements: You must use four

sources in this essay. Two sources should be used to explain your sincere concerns about PNG.

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