Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages


Written assignments are to be presented as a unified work: introduction, body and conclusion. Do not list any information- incorporate it into your paper.

The following are criteria that should be included in your paper if applicable:

Title of the play/musical/performance



Set Designer

Lighting Designer


Choreographer, if any

Music and Composer, if any

Theatre or Venue

Date of premier

Briefly retell the story (this should be incidental to your paper). Concentrate on the theme that is being created, the mood of the whole work and that of the individual actors.


Briefly give a breakdown of the main characters in the work

Discuss and describe of the set design as used to create/enhance the mood –include the use of props- as symbols and tools- use 2 or 3 scenes and musical numbers (if it is a musical) to illustrate your point

Describe the costuming and its relationship to the characters, setting and mood

Describe the use of music and dance if applicable- use specific examples.

Describe the lightening and its effect on the whole

How is color used?

Is humor a factor?

Is pathos a factor?

Is violence a factor?

Is this a type of realty piece, a fantasy, a farce, a satire or a combination of qualities? Describe how these qualities impact the theme or message of the work.

How does the director’s use of space contribute to the overall sentiment?

*****Finally, include your impression of the performance? Did you enjoy it and why? Did you feel the acting was true to the character being portrayed? Was it believable? Was it meant to be believable? Did the work successfully communicate its message to you?

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