Rhetoric Analysis on Speech or Address

Choose a speech or other form of rhetoric that you wish to analyze. If you are unsure if the text is appropriate, email me. You will need to cite the text you are using and any other sources you include. You will need to use at least three in-text citations.

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For an A:


! Main idea (thesis) is clear. ETHOS, PATHOS, LOGOS are addressed.

! Topic sentences and concluding sentences are used in body

paragraphs. Content is appropriate.

! Supporting details clearly relate to topic sentences and strongly

support topic content.

! Transitions are used effectively to connect paragraphs.

! Introduction, body, conclusion provide logical sequencing of

ideas, leading to understandable, appropriate content that is

free of superfluous information.



! Varied sentence patterns (intro. participial phrase, appositive

phrase, intro. adv. clause, intro. prep. phrase, two independent

clauses separated by semicolon, etc.) are used.

! Word choice includes strong verbs, interesting adjectives.

! Vague, overused, repetitive language is avoided (a lot, very,

great, really, there is, there are, etc.).

! Passive voice and be verbs are not overused.

! Attention to audience is evident.



! No run-on sentences

! No sentence fragments

! No use of I, you, me, my, your, myself, yourself

! Pronoun/antecedent agreement

! Subject/verb agreement; correct verb tense usage

! Punctuation is correct; capitalization is correct.

! Spelling is error free.



! Information from sources is cited properly in paper.

! All paraphrased information except “common” or “general”

knowledge is cited.

! All quotations are cited parenthetically (with an in-text citation).

! Text is in your own words.



! 1(or more) appropriate sources were used

! Paper is typed using proper form.

! Reference pageis in proper format; 3 or more citations have

been made in the body of the paper.

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