Review magazine articles

Select 10 advertisements from multiple prints or online magazines and discuss them based on the questions provided. Also include an image of the magazine, number each image, include sources for each image, for online sources include link. Please merge the ads with the discussion into one single Microsoft word file.
Select 10 advertisements from magazines. Answer the following questions in separate sections.

1. Discuss your sample

a. Describe how you collected your ads, from what magazines, how many, dates.

b. List the limitations of your sample. For example, are all magazines like the ones you sampled from?

2. Discuss how gender is portrayed in your sample of ads.

a. How is the portrayal used to sell the product?

b. Discuss how gender roles are reinforced or contested in the situation you observed?

3. Comment on how your findings compare to one of the theories we have discussed in class over the semester.

a. Apply the theory to your observations.

b. Draw one or more conclusions from your analysis.

Answer whether there are limitations to the theory’s application to your observation. What does the theory miss or not explain well?

Your project commentary should be limited to 3-4 four pages, grammatically corrected, and typed (double-spaced, no larger than 12 point font). The last day to submit your project is Monday April 16. Absolutely no project will be accepted after this date.

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