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Response questions for Midterm assignment

Please complete the following questions to their respective word counts and upload. Use quotes from the poem (Homer’s Iliad), film (Troy) or documentary where appropriate.

1. Transformation of Consciousness

How does Achilles evolve in Homer’s Iliad? Describe his attitude towards death in the beginning vs. the end of the poem, and the events that lead him to relent his rage. (400 words)

2. Gods and Mortals

Discuss the defining character traits of the immortals in The Iliad. What mortal characters share similar traits? How does the assumption of godlike identity affect the lives of mortals? How does Achilles achieve a kind of immortality? (400 words)

3. The Pantheon and the Psyche

How do the gods and their respective spheres of personality reflect aspects of each of us individually? Describe three or four gods and the traits they personify, and discuss how they relate to real life. (400 words)

4. The Poem vs the Film

Discuss the differences between Homer’s Iliad and the film Troy. How does the exclusion of the gods change the story? What character are different on the screen? If individual characters are more responsible for their choices, what does that say about the Trojan war and the reasons for fighting? (400 words)

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