Conflicts or contradictions within the ethical code of the Iliad

Discuss the conflicts or contradictions within the ethical code of the Iliad. What does the code require of both men and women that leads

them to impossible choices or doomed lives.

Use one or two characters to illustrate the argument. Paper should present a clear and interconnected set of points and observations to

form an argument that is a response to the prompt, or a particular aspect of the prompt. The argument should persuade a reader through

judicious use of passages from the texts as evidence for the interpretation. Construct arguments that are nuanced, incorporate a many

aspects of the prompt as possible. It should not be vulnerable to obvious counter arguments. No outside sources needed.

Text of Iliad used was “Homer The Essential Iliad” Translated and edited by Stanley Lombardo.

When citing sections of the text use the book line numbers from the Lombardo edition ex: (Iliad 1. 212-43)

Last Updated on February 20, 2018