Research Project #1: Evaluation or Analysis

Project Option: PowerPoint, Website, Video Essay, Podcast, Misc

Essay Option Word Count: [1,500 (+) words] 

Works Cited: 4 Sources

Conferences: 9/25 – 9/29 (25 pts) 

150 pts


  1. To understand the broader concept of “text” as a combination of visual, verbal, and contextual information.
  2. To understand the role of audience in understanding the information.
  3. To use skills in establishing summary, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation.
  4. To incorporate a graphic element as visual support in the textual analysis.
  5. To quote from and document an online source correctly.



  1. Choose a project that will best present your analytical or evaluative argument
  2. Projects are open to creativity but should fulfill the following rhetorical guidelines:
  3. Introduction – Establishes background and context for argument. If you are providing an evaluation, your introduction should clearly establish your criteria.
  4. Thesis – A clearly defined and debatable analytical or evaluative stance on your topic
  5. Evidence and support – You must clearly support your argument with evidence and provide credible sources that either provide additional background, context, or backing for your evaluation or analysis.
  6. Conclusion – A closing section to your argument that either ends on a definitive note or leaves the reader with an idea to carry forward into another conversation
  7. Select a cultural artifact (Book, movie, television show, song, etc.) of your own choosing for this evaluation/analysis assignment.
  8. Include at least one image or visual aid for your paper.
  9. Projects must have a minimum of at least 3 sources



Project Options:


Prepare a paper of 1500 (+) words.  Include brief quotations from the source our outside sources in your body paragraphs, and document the artifact properly in a “works cited” page at the end of the paper.  The paper needs the following parts:

  1. Introduction—provides a brief summary, a context for analysis, and an evaluative thesis.
  2. Criteria/Body Paragraphs—decide on an order for analyzing and structure paragraphs accordingly. The first body paragraph should have a more detailed summary of the topic.


You Enter an Argument of Evaluation When You:

1.) Make a judgment about quality

2.) Challenge such a judgment or critique

3.) Construct a Ranking or Comparison

4.) Explore Criteria that Might be used to Evaluate Judgments


  1. Conclusion— Revisit your thesis without exact repetition. Identify implications of your findings.


  1. Works Cited—You will need a minimum of 4 sources for your works cited (this is both in-text and on the works cited page)



  1. Assignment should be written in MLA format


PowerPoint or Prezi:


PowerPoint or Prezi presentations should share the same structure as the essay but will utilize slides opposed to pages.  Reference the Prezi Tutorial link below if you need guidance on how to create your own Prezi


  1. Be sure to clearly articulate your argument
  2. Refrain from making slides too wordy
  3. Don’t assume that pictures will be self-explanatory
  4. Utilize transitions and other visuals
  5. Prezi Tutorial:


Video Essay:


A video essay should have all the same components as a written essay with the exception of video, instead of pages.


Watch the provided clip to see how a proper video essay is structured


Podcast or Audio Essay:


A podcast will be constructed similarly to a video essay but without any visuals.  Always be sure to check your sound to ensure everything is audible.

Website or (Weebly):


A website is a unique way to present an evaluative or analytical idea.  You can provide interactive menus or links for your audience to engage with.  Though this process may require a bit more work, the payoff can prove to be substantial.  Please reference the link below for an introductory guide to creating your own Weebly page.





Develop a project beyond the aforementioned options.  In what other ways might you be able to articulate your evaluative or analytical topic?  Consider observing different kinds of TED talks or creative presentations that may spark interest or innovation.

Conference Worksheet (25pts)

Be sure to have this worksheet completed prior to your conference so that we can discuss the introductory elements of your analysis/evaluation:

  • Provide background and context to the analysis/evaluation you are addressing.  What kind of topic are you examining?  What is your entry point? In what ways have others evaluated or analyzed your topic?





  • What would be your analytical/evaluative thesis? Remember that for this project, your claim can be one-sided.  You are not required to provide counter-arguments:






  • What are the key points of focus, or particular criteria (if you are developing an evaluation), that will help support your analysis or evaluation? Provide a brief examination of each of your key points/criteria:






  • What type of challenges might you face with this project, either from a structural standpoint or an argumentative standpoint?

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