Research Methods

Research Methods 1

(2 Parts)
1. Compare and Contrast the role of deduction and induction in qualitative and quantitative social research.
2. Do this observation exercise:
work with three classmates. choose a small group of people interacting with each other. observe their interactions for two minutes, take notes and summarize your observations. compare yours with those of your other two classmates. what differences do you notice? why do you think there are differences? discuss what you saw and how you interpreted it. what were the difficulties in using observation to collect information?

Research methods 2

#1) Discuss the characteristics of qualitative research, how data is collected, how it is analyzed, and factors that affect validity and reliability.

#2) Pick one of the methods of data analysis: t-test, analysis of variance, chi-square, analysis of co-variance, and multiple regression. Explain how this statistical measure would be used in data analysis. What are the advantages of disadvantages of the measure?

#3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a mixed methods design?

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