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Research Methodology Assignment 3

Assignment 3

This assignment is due by _________________. Each answer should be (at minimum) an undergraduate-level paragraph in length. Two

pages minimum!

For next week:

Cement your research topic – decide which specific phenomenon or behavior you will be presenting your research upon

Bring in three research articles (at minimum) related to the topic that you intend to research

Finally, based on the articles, answer the following questions:

1) What are the variables you’re interested in studying? How will you plan on measuring
these variables? Clearly define the IV and DV, as well as the operational definition.
2) What scale of measurement do you think your variables will be? (Nominal, Ordinal,
Interval, Ratio)
3) How do you think you would get your data? Specifically, how would you find
participants? What would you have them do?
4) What problems can you predict? Honesty? Finding participants? What confounding
variables might be present? Any limitations?
5) Choose one of your articles for this portion. What is the article you have selected? What
are the variables in that study? What were the findings? What limitations were noted? List the strengths and weaknesses. Also,

include the full reference in proper APA format.

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