Reflection Assignment

A reflection paper is NOT a research paper. You should use your own ideas to reflect upon the materials from the learning unit. Use the information in the learning unit to do the following: In this unit, we have covered a lot of historical, philosophical, and artistic ground. Hobbes and Locke are concerned with government and seem to challenge each other’s view of human nature. Galileo challenges the (religious) ideas of his day and creates a new way of conceiving our relationship to the world. Nietzsche and Barthes challenge the creation of meaning.

For this assignment, you need to imagine these thinkers in conversation with each other. Choose two of the authors and write a dialogue for them. The authors can be discussing one of the selections from the Contemporary Connections section or you can choose another contemporary example of their ideas.

You’ll need to write a summary of each author’s argument:

What is their position and how do you know that’s what they would say? This should be a three to four paragraph, densely packed statement for each author. Then, create a dialogue — just like in a play — where each author makes a claim that you imagine they would make based on the learning unit. They can be arguing or agreeing. (It’s up to you). There is one requirement, however. You may NOT use two authors from the same sub-unit. So, if you choose Locke, you may not choose Hobbes: Nietzsche can’t be used with Barthes. And vice versa.

Last Updated on March 3, 2018

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