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Rationale for the UNICEF

Briefly, explain your rationale for applying to the UNICEF Internship Programme. Include specific objectives and expected benefits.

Purpose of the UNICEF Internship Programme

The UNICEF Internship Programme offers qualified and eligible students at both Headquarters (HQ) and Country Offices (CO) the unique opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in UNICEF’s work and the United Nations system under the direct supervision of experienced UNICEF staff.
Internships are offered depending on the availability of meaningful assignments and the needs and capacity of units/offices to receive and supervise interns.

Areas of work

UNICEF is active in various functional areas related to its mandate, which can be categorised in three main pillars: Programme and Policy, External Relations and Operations.
UNICEF Internships are offered in all its functional areas.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019

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