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Quantity Surveying Construction Management


·         Carry out background research for all stakeholders while answering the questions.
·         All answers require justification and explanation.
·         No interviews or site visits are allowed. All necessary information is available from relevant sources.
·         Each submission can be by one student or a group of 2 – 5 students (maximum).
·         The minimum amount of content required for this assignment is 500 words.

·         Referencing the course handouts, blogs or Wikipedia is not allowed.

·         Only a soft-copy is required in the prescribed format along with this cover page.

·         Any submission in another format shall be treated as a non-submission.

·         Late submissions will have deduction of 0.25 marks for every working hour of the college.

·         All assignments shall be checked for plagiarism.

·         The highest marks will be awarded to assignments that show the most amount of varied research.


Question No.Max. MarksObtained Marks Question No.Max. MarksObtained Marks
Q12 Q33 
Q23 Q42 
Sub-Total Marks5 Sub-Total Marks5 

Grand Total Marks




First Marker :


Second Marker:              (NOT APPLICABLE)




Date :

Signature :


Date :

Review the Lamar Bausher brochure at the link provided and answer the questions that follow.





Q1. Draw a four-level Work Breakdown Structure for the project.                                                 [2]







Q2. Draw a Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) network diagram for the project based on the work breakdown structure. The diagram must show at least three (3) types of dependencies and at least one activity with lag.                                                                                                       [3]






Q3. Draw a baseline Gantt chart showing all summary activities, dependencies and critical paths. [3]






Q4. List the best method for estimating the completion of each activity on the site. Provide a justification (reason) for each answer.                                                                                      [2]

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