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Mobile Application Project

Develop a Mobile application of your choice of the topic as long it follows creativity, future usability and uniqueness. The guidelines for the Mobile application is defined below. The project is graded over 15 marks

Application Design

Create a Mobile Application using The site offers different categories where you can choose your topic ,you have all the freedom to choose as long as these applications can be used for future use, and the topic is creative and unique and picked ahead of time and agreed by the teacher:

  • Your need to choose a category for your topic from the website
  • You need to add minimum a 4 pages in addition to the pages provided by the Category.
  • You need to fully complete all pages
  • You need to use your image and not the application images or the website image.
  • If any pages such as facebook or website added it should be working
  • Topic must be realistic and make sense.

Consistent look and feel is important.

You should submit your project on or before the deadline


Last Updated on March 24, 2019

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