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Gender Issues in the Workplace

There are 3 assignments. Choose ONLY One to complete. On your paper, please indicate which option you have selected.

Option One Assignment:

  • Go to DiversityInc (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and search for “ Things Never to Say to Women Executives.” You may also search other relevant websites or use personal experiences to complete this assignment (things you have heard said to other women in the workplace, or you have personally experienced).
  • After reading the articles, explain how these statements undermine (or do not undermine) women as leaders in organizations. How should they be handled? Or can they be addressed at all? As stated above, you may also add other things that have been said to you or you have heard it being said to other women. Please site the articles you have used.
  • Word limit is 500.
  • Cite sources

(Question 1 Source: Assignment adopted from “Understanding and Managing Diversity, Readings, Cases, And Exercises” 5th Edition, 2012, Pearson)


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