Quality of Health Care

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 Quality of Health Care Worksheet

As you go through the PPT you are prompted to respond to certain questions below. Your responses should include citations and evidence to support in APA when appropriate.


  • Referring to slide # 1: What does this statement mean to you? How does it apply to OT(occupational Therapy) and Quality of Health Care?


  • What are the licensure requirements for an OTR in your state NY (live and work) (Slide #3)?


  • Critically appraised topics (CATs) Have you ever heard of these? Or used them in practice?Explore the websites (found on PPT).What is the title of one CAT you could use in your current practice (Slide #5).


  • What outcome measure do you currently use in practice and what is your rationale for choice? (Slide #6).


  • Use quality check (https://www.qualitycheck.org/) to determine rating of either the place you work or a place in your area (may a place a family member stayed). What are the results? What do they mean? And why is this information important? (Slide #9).


  • Worksheet: ReadCrossing the Quality Chasm”. Elaborate on the 6 areas and how they can be improved (Redesign). Be sure to cite APA as needed. This article was published in 2001 so what steps have been taken so far? You may also support with content from past weeks as appropriate (Slide #15).

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