Public hospitality company analysis and worksheet

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Select a publicly traded hospitality company that interests you.

Research that company and pull the company’s most recent income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flow.

Write a 525- to 700-word response that includes the following:

  • Describe the information that can be derived from each statement
  • Assess the purpose of the specific numbers that are carried over from one statement to another
  • Determine the financial health of the company based on these documents

Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Financial Ratios Chart


Place an “X” in the cell under the person that would use each ratio most frequently.


Hospitality Manager (Lodging or F&B)Vice President CFOPotential Investor
Average daily rate (ADR)    
Average sales per guest (check average)    
Beverage cost percentage    
Cost of beverage sold (cost of sales: beverage)    
Cost of food fold (cost of sales: food)    
Cost per occupied room (CPOR)    
Dividend payout    
Dividend yield    
Earnings per share    
Food cost percentage    
Gross operating profit margin    
Gross operating profit per available room (GOPPAR)    
Inventory turnover    
Labor cost percentage    
Occupancy percentage    
Operating cash flows to total liabilities    
Price‐to‐earnings ratio    
Profit margin    
Property and equipment turnover    
Return on assets    
Return on equity    
Revenue per available customer (RevPAC)    
Revenue per available room (RevPAR)    
Revenue per available seat hour (RevPASH)    
Seat turnover    
Times interest earned    
Total asset turnover    





Explain in no more than 350 words why different ratios are important to different people within an organization, and why it is important to know something about each the financial ratios.









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