Public agenda meeting and their use of public relations

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Assessment of a public agenda meeting and their use of public relations

Students will attend (or find online content from) ONE (1) local public meetings of their choice and analyze and compare how the organization(s) handle relations with the public based on themes covered in the course materials.

The meeting could be any local, state, or federal open meeting to include things like public school board meetings and homeowner association meetings. Each project will be 5-10 pages in length, basic APA required formatting, and themes covered in the course from the text should be cited as reference material in the analysis.

Include the following items in your report:

  • Describe the city you selected (e.g. population, location, major projects the City is involved with)
  • What agenda item did you select and why?
  • Summarize the key players involved with that item.
  • Conclude the report with a detailed analysis of the agenda item.
  • Include why it relates to Public Relations.
  • Include what the final decision of the Council/Board was and if felt it was beneficial or not beneficial to the citizens in that area.


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