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Respond to this comment:Before answering such a question one must first understand the reason such a thing as marriage exists. Why cant we all just have fun, be with whoever we want, whenever we want, with no strings attached. Obviously everyone understands that this an animalistic form of living, and human beings are beyond that. We understand that life isn’t only about having fun and indulging in pleasure at our very whim. Life is about hard work and commitment. This is where marriage comes into the picture. Marriage isn’t a commitment to indulge in sexual pleasure with one person forever and thats it! Rather marriage is a commitment between two people to live together and go through life’s trials and tribulations. To build a life together committed, under all circumstances. Without this understanding, we might as well be like animals and have “fun” with whoever we want. Why commit anyway?
I was raised with the belief that this commitment of marriage is more than I just explained. Marriage is meant to build a family, and raise that family with proper values. Without the component of family, marriage is just not the same. Sure there are couples that don’t have the ability to have children and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, those people always feel as if something is lacking. People innately understand the importance of building a family. This is an impossibility with same sex marriage. Sure there are ways around it, but still not the same. Same sex marriage is trying to say that marriage with the goal of just indulging in pleasure is OK. If someone wants to just have fun with different partners for the rest of their life, go ahead. I am no one to say whether it’s right or wrong, no matter which way I believe. However, when bringing marriage into the picture, that is where I think the line is crossed. This generation is all about fulfilling as much physical pleasure as possible, and due to that has twisted many definitions to many different things. The definition of marriage is one of those things that in my opinion has fell to the wayside. I am not trying to offend anyone with this post, just bringing out my honest opinion on the matter. The fact that people get offended by these type of things prove already that most of the argument is based on emotions without going through the intellectual facts.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019