Essay on Controversy in Nude Paintings

Controversy in Nude Paintings Essay Pt. 2

Respond to the following prompt (Part A) in an essay of 5-8 pages in MLA format

Please consider both parts of the assignment before beginning, as the first half of this paper, where you will define a problem, will impact the second half of the paper, where you will study solutions for the problem.

A. Definition: In the first part of this assignment, examine a current controversy or problem that interests you. Using appropriate evidence (statistics, examples and viewpoints of those knowledgeable in the controversy), answer the following questions.
a. Why is this controversy or problem important? What makes it a problem?
b. Where is the problem coming from? Who or what is responsible for it?
c. Where does the controversy or problem center? What seems to be at issue between the competing groups?

B. Proposal Argument: Building upon the definition you create in your first paper, evaluate at least 2 possible responses to the problem you examine. In a separate paper of 5-8 pages, answer the following questions:

a. In your view, who has the best perspective/solution? Why?
b. What future challenges can you see if the solution were implemented?

You may choose a controversy or problem in your field, if you wish. However, the paper must be originally composed for this class. Those who do not yet know what they want to do when they graduate can examine a term or concept in a field of interest. Hobbies and such pursuits are fair game for this assignment. However, the definition must be sufficiently complex to discuss in a 8- page paper.

American Controversy: Nudity in Art and its Discontents

In this essay, you will want to support and document your definition and proposal arguments by consulting, paraphrasing and quoting (where appropriate) a number of academic sources. Academic sources are written by professionals in a field for other professionals. These include books, articles in scholarly journals or newsletters, training manuals/media, or website content designed by/for professionals (including e-journals). The standard guideline for this requirement is one source per page. In meeting this requirement, you will find it necessary to follow MLA guidelines for in-text citation and a works cited list.

. Wikipedia and similar encyclopedia/almanac websites do not count as sources.

Again, you will want to base your argument upon information you find in academic/professional sources, which you will want to quote or paraphrase as appropriate, and cite according to your chosen format. Again, you will have to provide a works cited list of your sources. I expect that your argumentation paper will be at least 8 pages long, not including the works cited/reference page.
you will be asked to submit a “working bibliography” of sources for your definition essay. This needs to be in MLA format for a references/works cited page. Although it need not be complete, it does need at least five sources within the guidelines described above.

Please note that MLA format will be a factor in my evaluation of both of these assignments. As always, I am going to be looking for organizational cohesion, good paragraph and sentence structure, as well as Standard English. I will also be looking to see that information is quoted and documented according to the conventions set forth by MLA. This is necessary because observing these conventions is absolutely required in academic discourse.

Controversy in Nude Paintings Essay

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