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Each prompt should be answered in 150 -200 words and utilize APA format In parenthesis I have included the chapters being cover for each prompt which should utilize the at least the texbook in the prompt.

  • (Chapter 3-5): Discuss the importance for counselors to understand the biological component as it relates to counseling.
  • (6, 33, 34) Discuss two or three scripture verses that relate to how we are to take care of our bodies. Then discuss your main stressors and how you cope with stress. Share as you feel comfortable.
  • (1, 2, Appendix A) Discuss the importance of why counselors need to understand the basics of research methodology. Then, discuss ethical guidelines in conducting research. How are animal and human research participants protected?
  • (Modules 19, 20) Discuss ways in which people learn. Then, discuss classical and operant conditioning and give examples of each.
  • (Modules 38, 39) How would you define personality? Briefly discuss Freud’s theory of personality. Define one of the defense mechanisms and give an example (that is not in the textbook).
  • (Modules 44, 45) Discuss the goals and techniques of psychoanalysis.
  • (Appendix c) Discuss the value of joining a professional organization. Discuss what you would like to specialize in once you are licensed. What fears or concerns do you have about being a counselor?

The due date is 3 days however, if I have at least the first two prompts within 3 days, I can extend the remainder out by an additional week.

Please utilize the following text:

Myers, D.G. (2011). Exploring psychology in modules (10th ed.). New York, NY: Worth Publishers. ISBN 9781464154386

Unfortunately, I do not have an electronic version of the textbook but found and earlier edition at:


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