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Psychological Skills Training

After reviewing our assigned readings and the following websites:

Design a Psychological Skills Training Program for yourself. Briefly explain any sport, work, or exercise psychology challenges and then create a comprehensive Psychological Skills Training Program to improve progress toward your goals. Use 3 to 5 research studies to guide you with the details of your plan, because you want your plan to be based on valid scholarly research rather than an unchecked opinion in a blog or internet site. These research studies may be on psychological skills training, goal setting, positive psychology, time management, etc.

Include a bullet point list of your strategies at the beginning of the paper designed like a poster that you could print to remind yourself daily. In addition, include a 7 day hour-by-hour calendar of when you plan to practice your new skills every day as a habit each week. Add what time of day you could practice the skills and for how long in the day. Remember that psychological skills must be practiced like physical skills.

Your paper must be formatted according to APA standards, including a title page, margins, documentation citations, and a reference list at the end.
You might include several of the following strategies discussed in our readings:

Very Detailed Goal-setting with Measures
Positive Psychology Exercises
Stress Management
Time Management Tools
Time Awareness Reminders
Achievement Motivation Techniques
Very Detailed Imagery
Positive Self-talk
Systematic Desentization
Cognitive Behavioral Approaches
Awareness of Personality Factors
Reward Systems
Metacognition of Your Own Thoughts
Positive Reinforcement
Social Support
Meditation and Yoga
Emotional Intelligence
etc. (anything you find particularly helpful to you)

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