Promotion Management

Advertising, public relations and promotion are all aspects of Integrated Marketing Communication. Throughout the course we discussed all three.
1. In a 600 word paper, using MLA format, describe the differences between these three aspects and tell me what you know now that you did not know at the beginning of this course.
2. This assignment is a retrospective on what you thought you knew and understood at the beginning of the course so you are encouraged to compare and contrast your current knowledge base with that 1st assignment report.
3. Because this is a personal reflection, using first person on this assignment is acceptable. However, your report must be clean, thorough, and have a logical flow that is supported by references to class activities, readings, etc. This is not an opinion paper on advertising, PR, promotions, Lindenwood or this course. That will be captured in the course evaluation.
Do NOT assume the reader has been in class with you and understands what you are talking about; you need to provide as much detail as necessary to make the story clear.
This is a written assignment to be turned in to Canvas.

Last Updated on March 6, 2018

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