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Background information:

Your company has been awarded a project for the 2nd floor and basement interior renovations for the Ottawa Construction Association located at 196 Bronson Avenue.

Building permit has been obtained by OCA and all other permits and fees are to be paid by the contractor.

Your companies bid was accepted in the amount of 286 000.00

The work is to be completed in 91 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). The project start date is March 27, 2017.

The specifications state that you must submit a copy of the Gantt Chart on a monthly basis and the baseline is to be set every month.

Working times are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday and not to exceed 44 hours per week. The exception to this is for the Asbestos removal, AMC Environmental will need 4 days to complete and they will work in two shifts, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM and 4:00 PM -12:00 PM. No other tasks can be carried out during these times.

The sequence of work is as follows:

Asbestos Removal4dFixed cost $8000.00, outsourced to AMC Environmental Group
Demolition10d4 men @ $16/hour, total of 90 hours for 10 days, they will remove drywall, trim, insulation and vapor barrier, lead paint removal, two windows
Dumpsters21000.00 each
Plumbing7d1 day for demo (cap lines and drains) 6 days for S/I tub, two vanity sinks, two toilets, one laundry basin, one kitchen sink total cost 11,000.00 fixed cost
Electrical4d1 day demo, 3 days for installation and hook up, fixed cost 15 000.00
HVAC8dFixed cost 22 000.00
Insulation and Vapor Barrier2d4 laborers @ $22.00/hr each
Window Installation1dRemoval and installation, fixed cost

$ 2000.00

Framing3dFrame in for new powder room, 2 laborers and 1 helper, Materials cost $ 1500.00
Drywall Installation15dTape, mud, sand and prime check, completed by laborers,

$ 7000.00 fixed cost

Installation of Doors2d$ 2000.00 per unit, Laborers and helpers, can be done while the tapers are working
Paint10dFixed cost $ 17 000.00 includes labor and materials, 5 days per house
Floor installation10dFixed cost $17 000.00
Trim Installation8dLaborers and helpers, $ 2000.00 materials cost per unit
Plumbing hook up1dNo cost
Electrical hook up1dNo cost
Final Clean up1dLaborers and helpers
Occupancy Inspection1d 
Commissioning-Hand over5d 


Other information:

Forman1500.00 per week on-site for duration
Project Manager2000.00 per week paid for the duration of the project
Laborers22.00 per hour as needed
Helpers15.00 per hour as needed









Develop a project plan (schedule) for the project described. The plan should include activities and durations based on the table above. In the event of discrepancy use the table data rather than the narrative.

  • Please note the following:
  • Activity durations shown in days
  • Assume that the task list is complete
  • Break down your project schedule into three phases: Tender and Award, Construction and Hand Over (Commissioning)
  • Include weekly site meeting with your team (recurring tasks)
  • Most costs can be considered fixed costs.


MS Project Plan, scheduled from start to finish, reflecting the briefing information. Assume that no overtime is required, all resources use a calendar based on 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week.

The deliverables must include:
Create a new project schedule – set up as a “new blank document”
Specify start date
Define project calendars – Set up holidays
Switch from manual to automatic scheduling
Create milestones
Create summary tasks
Enter a project note
Enter tasks and task details
Organize tasks into phases
Link tasks
Document tasks
Establish people resources
Establish equipment resources
Adjust resource working times
Add resource notes and hyperlink
Add work resources to tasks
Assign material resources to tasks
Set up a recurring task
Assign resources to a recurring task
Insert a project summary line at 0
Set up Headers and Footers


This final assessment will be marked on completeness and presentation. Quality will be determined by clarity of presentation. In short, produce your project schedule as if you were delivering to a client for review.


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