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Project on Scientific Literacy

BSC2010 Chapter 10 – Project on Scientific Literacy Possible points: 80/80.

Let’s practice our scientific literacy and deductive thinking to see if you would purchase a product promoted to you with scientific claims.


Work on this task alone, according to the instructions. Please use good grammar and complete phrases when responding to each question. Type your responses.


  • Take a look at the Facebook meme below. What does this meme contend? (2 points)

2) Referring to Chapter 10, describe in detail how the cell cycle, cell cycle checkpoints, and cancer are related. (10 points)


  • The graph below was taken from a peer-reviewed primary source. Examine the graph and make a list of the top 3 cancer-related risk factors, ranking them from highest to lowest. Three points
  • 4a) Radio frequencies are used by wireless communication systems to transmit data across the air. Find two credible scientific sources that describe the operation of 5G wireless communication technology using a search engine (such as Google). Cite the two websites you utilized to learn about “5G” by referencing each one’s a) author or organization, b) title, and c) URL or link. (5 points)

1st Citation:


2nd Citation


  • 4b) Using your sources as a guide, describe how 5G wireless communication technology operates in 2-4 words. In addition, how does 5G differ from past wireless communication technologies? (10 points)

5a) Locate two reputable scientific sources that discuss cancer risk factors, the disease itself, and any connection between 5G and cancer. List your two sources with the following information: Author (if applicable), Title of Article, Date (if applicable), Name of Website, and a URL or DOI: (5 pts)


  1. 1st Citation:


  1. 2nd Citation


5b) Determine whether the source is primary or secondary. Why are these sources “reliable scientific sources?” Please explain (10 pts)


  1. 1st Citation:


  1. 2nd Citation


6) Arrange the knowledge you have acquired on 5G and cancer. What evidence did you uncover that supports the meme and/or what evidence did you find that is against the meme, based on your course readings, your research, the peer-reviewed graph, and the assertions you stated in questions 2–5? In the following table, enter the information in either the “Evidence for the claim” or “Evidence against the claim” columns: (Equal sides are not required, but there must be at least five written) (15 points)


Type the assertion from Q1 here:


Evidence in support of the assertion


Evidence refuting the assertion


  • Interpret the data arranged in the table above as evidence. What is the overall pattern of the evidence in regard to the claim? (5 points)

8) Do you agree with the assertion in the meme based on your course work, investigation, and analysis of the available evidence? If not, why not? Justify your choice in 3–4 sentences. (15 points)

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