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Project Management

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Project Management

Project management is the planning and organizing of an organization’s resources to move a certain task, duty, or event towards completion. It can involve a project that is one time or an ongoing activity, and the resources that are managed include finances, intellectual property, personnel, and technology. Project management is often related to construction and engineering fields and, more recently, information technology and healthcare, which usually have a complex set of components that need to be completed and assembled in a set fashion to create a functioning. Project management is vital since it ensures that there is a proper plan for executing strategic objectives. The project management purpose is to predict or foresee as many problems and dangers as possible and organize, control, and plan activities to complete as successfully as possible despite all the risks. The recent project that I have worked on is developing a surgery program in Mayo Clinic that will exactly meet the need of the doctors.

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Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit healthcare facility, and it has campuses in Minnesota, Arizona, Rochester, Florida, Jacksonville, Scottsdale, and phoenix. This hospital employs sixty-three thousand people, including more than four thousand five hundred physicians and scientists and fifty-eight thousand four hundred allied healthcare and administrative as of 2018. This hospital has been named as the best hospital again in the United States. Mayo clinic focuses on caring for patients with complex and serious illnesses; it operates in five states and cares for more than one million individuals a year, for all fifty states and nearly one forty nations. It is often acknowledged among the very best in the country in the following specialties; heart surgery. Cancer. Endocrinology, and diabetes.

Mayo clinic hospital was founded in 1889 on September 30 in Rochester (Mayoclinic, 2012). It had its origin in the 1880s when Charles Mayo and William joined the general practice of their father in Rochester. The Mayo brothers, who are known as Dr. Charlie and Br. Will wanted to become a specialist in surgery. Mayo Clinic is funded by research findings from the foundations of government, benefactor gifts, and industry groups. The services offered by Mayo clinic are prenatal education, community educational outreach programs, cancer prevention, and healthy brain aging. Its mission is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to each patient via integrated clinical education, practice, and research.

Mayo Clinic has grown to become a global destination for healing and hope since it was founded as a single physician medical practice. Its staff of more than seventy thousand offer compassionate, expert care to more than 1.2 million individuals from every state each year. Mayo clinic offers many minority wellness and health programs, including programs on healthy brain aging, community-engaged research, cancer prevention, community outreach, etc. It also sponsors programs to encourage diversity. Any patient can request an appointment at this hospital, and in most cases, a physician’s referral is not required when one calls or submits an online appointment request; the staff will advise if a referral is needed.

I used the Work Breakdown structure because it will define and organize my work, and it is simple to understand and develop.

Activity Estimate T0 Tm Tp
surgery research database 5 4 5 7
survey doctors 2 1 2 3
research current hospital system 4 2 4 6
select software solution 2 1 2 3
request quotes from consultant 2 1 2 3
select program 1 1 1 2
implement solution 6 4 6 9
detailed specs from users 2 1 2 3
code software 4 2 4 8
beta test software 1 1 1 2
launch software solution 1 1 1 2
install on doctor machine 1 1 1 2
train doctor and data technician 5 3 5 9
final phase wraps up 1 1 1 3
document software 1 1 1 2
input from the IT department 2 1 2 3
research needs 1 1 1 2
define ongoing support 1 1 1 2
Time estimate 42 28 42 71

I arrived at this time estimates by the group the team members of the project in three groups. One group estimated the optimistic time, the other pessimistic time, and the last group estimated the most likely time.


Total slack = latest finish- earliest finish

Task Earliest start Latest start Slack
A 0 0 0
B 5 6 1
C 6 6 0
D 6 6 0
E 5 5 0
F 7 7 0
G 7 7 0
H 7 7 0
I 5 5 0
J 11 12 1
K 11 11 0
L 11 11 0
M 11 11 0
N 11 11 0
O 11 11 0
P 5 5 0
Q 6 6 0
R 6 6 0

The ramification of slack time in a project and critical path is that if one activity is delayed by one day, the finish time of the project will delay by one day


Activity Duration predecessor budgeted percent complete Actual cost Over/under


A 5 2000 99 1500 -500
B 2 A 4000 96 5000 1000
C 4 B 1000 84 1500 500
D 2 B 2000 78 3000 1000
E 2 C, D 3000 87 3500 500
F 1 E 500 75 500 0
G 6 E 500 54 500 0
H 2 E 1000 62 500 -500
I 4 F, G, H 7000 26 6500 -500
J 1 I 500 4 1000 -500
K 1 I 3000 0 3000 0
L 1 I 2500 0 2500 0
M 5 I 4000 0 4000 0
N 1 I 4500 0 4000 -500
O 1 I 8000 0 8000 0
P 2 J, K, L, M, N, O 1500 0 1000 -500
Q 1 P 1000 0 1000 0
R 1 P 500 0 500 0
46500 47500 0

The reason for how I derived these costs is by the nature of an activity. Suppose the activity is expensive and takes much time; that is how I derived these costs. And also, from the material bought, suppliers.

Activity predecessor Duration Crash time Normal cost Additional cost to crash
C B 4 3 1000 250

By crashing this activity, I saved one day, but the activity’s cost increased by 250.

The ramifications of crashing activity C is that it will increase the cost of the project, and it also affects team performance.


Managing a project is not an easy task, and one should be careful. One should consider the big picture and set achievable and realistic budgets, goals, and timelines (Alvarenga J. C. 2018). When one is not careful, the project can quickly get off track before it even starts. It is important to use a work breakdown structure and other structures while planning a project because it organizes and defines the required work. It also facilitates the quick development of a schedule by effort allocation estimates to certain sections of the work breakdown structure. For a project to be successful, one should develop a work breakdown structure.


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