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Project Management Case Study Report


  • The following task is a project management course related questions, that must be answered with the aid of the study case provided below.
  • For your reference, the module follows a PRINCE2 project management standards. (Prince2 resources are available online). And all questions have to be answered with the aid of those standards.
  • The report should be around 2000 words, well elaborated and explained.
  • Use in text referencing when appropriate or quoted. All referencing should follow Harvard style referencing.
  • For extra clarifications and uncertainty, please discuss them with me so we could assure a professional outcome that satisfies both.


Stakeholders and work breakdown structure



  1. Printing large quantities of a single book is a process, which can be described as an ongoing day-to-day repetitive set of activities. Describe how these customized eBooks are different from a standard printing process, and the characteristics that make these customized eBooks a project?
  2. Conduct a Stakeholder Analysis for theeBook project.Describe how they are involved in or affected by an eBook project. Give an overview of the different kinds of information they would want to have available to them, including the Supervisors in the Manage Production phase?
  3. In your opinion, what benefits could be derived from developing a standard job template for ESB Publishing? Describe any advantages it could give them in planning work? What additional informationwould you like to see included in the standard job template? Why would this be useful?
  4. Create a Work Breakdown Structure for an eBook project.

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