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Program Outcomes / List of Courses

This Assignment consists of two parts:

  • Program Outcomes
  • List of Courses

Create these parts in a Microsoft Word document and upload the document to the Unit 3 Social Media area.

Part 1: Program Outcomes

This section consists of five to seven well-articulated program outcomes that you have written. Make sure your outcomes match the mission of the program, department and institution. Arizona State University has an excellent guide to writing program outcomes which you will find helpful in writing this section. Please visit

Part 2: List of Courses

This topic is a list/chart of courses/component options and credit hours for the program you are proposing. Drawing from the Unit 1 Reading, credit hour chart and your research, create a table that lists all the credit hours with the course names and appropriate category. For example, if you are creating an undergraduate program in biology, you would have 120 semester hours total, and this would consist of general education requirements such as English and Math, major requirements such as Biology 101, major electives (different kinds of biology at the upper levels), and general electives. Make sure you put each course in the proper category. You can put this in table or chart form.

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