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As the professional trainer for your company, you need to design and implement a formal training program for your employees. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, you decide to interview a professional trainer in your field. For this project, you will research, identify, and interview a person who trains adults. This may include, but is not limited to: military, law enforcement, sales, medical, education, industry individuals, etc. For this project, please write a 4-5 page report that describes, in depth, who you interviewed, the questions you asked, the trainer’s responses, and the lessons learned from the interview.


Professional trainers are all around us. Examine your workplace first to see if you can identify someone that has the responsibility for training others for their positions. The person you interview does not have to have the title of trainer. Most of us train adults every day and do not have the official title. The person you interview, however, must be the person who is responsible in your company or another company, for the training of some or all of the employees. Usually in a department there is one person that everyone goes to in order to get answers on how something is done or accomplished. That person is an unofficial trainer.
Beyond your workplace, there are also trainers. For example, schools (at all levels—elementary, middle, high school, college, & university) have trainers or teachers/staff in charge of making sure that their employees have important state-mandated information/skills (ex.: fire safety, OSHA, privacy, child and records management, etc.). Local restaurants have employees that they have designated as trainers. Check their name badges—it will usually have their name and underneath something like, “Lead Trainer.” Ask the manager or one of the employees if there is a trainer available for you to talk to…people are usually flattered when their accomplishments and special skills are recognized.
You can also do research online and identify a professional consultant or trainer. Consultants are always willing to do interviews because it is good publicity for their business. Trainers in large companies are also usually willing to help students.


You can conduct the interview face-to-face OR using technology (video conferencing, telephone call, or email).
Please makes sure you identify and contact the trainer early and give him/her time to schedule the interview. If you have the opportunity, email the person first and state who you are, the purpose of the assignment, and a sample of the interview questions. Please remember that this is an opportunity for a professional to get to know you and your work, so professionalism in every communication and interaction is of the utmost importance.
Decide beforehand how you will conduct the interview (face-to-face or using technology: video conferencing, telephone call, or email). If you are going to meet face-to-face, by telephone, or video conferencing, it will help if you record the interview so you can refer to the recording later to complete the assignment (this is optional). Be sure to inform the trainer that you will be recording the interview before actually doing so. If the trainer does not wish to be recorded, please honor their request by either taking detailed notes or locating a different individual to interview. If the interview is by email, you will have the responses already recorded in the body of the email.
Make sure you arrive to the interview on time (whether you meet in person, by phone or video conferencing), dress professionally and have a copy of the questions you will be asking for the trainer as well as yourself. If you email the questions, make sure you email them on time and explain politely the deadline when you need the responses.


For Project 2, you will submit a professionally-designed report that includes:
Your name, report title, date
• INTRODUCTION. Describe your company, the employees, and their training needs. Introduce the reasons why you selected the trainer that you interviewed. Please include the full name, title, company, website address, and contact information (email, phone, address) for the trainer you interviewed
• INTERVIEW. In this section, please list the questions that you asked and an in-depth summary of the participant’s responses. Please ask the trainer the five questions below, and at least two additional questions of your own.
INTERVIEW QUESTION 1: How long have you been a trainer?
INTERVIEW QUESTION 2: How did you become a trainer?
INTERVIEW QUESTION 3: What education and certifications are needed to become a trainer in your field?
INTERVIEW QUESTION 4: What are your responsibilities? Who do you train? In what areas/skills?
INTERVIEW QUESTION 5: How do you deliver trainings? Face-to-face? Online?
STUDENT INTERVIEW QUESTION 6:Please ask the trainer a question on an area of training that interests you or could benefit the class.
STUDENT INTERVIEW QUESTION 7:Please ask the trainer a question on an area of training that interests you or could benefit the class.
If you would like to ask different questions, please email me before the interview so I can review and provide feedback on the questions.
Summarize the main points of the interview. Describe, in depth, the lessons learned from the interview and the trainer. Please highlight what the information shared during the interview means to you and other aspiring professional trainers in your field. Also describe how the information will help you build the training you need for your company.
Properly cite all sources in APA format. If you have not used any sources for your project 2 preparation, the textbook must always be cited in the reference page. Please review the tutorial provided in the course menu (to the left of this screen) for citing References.Use free Internet services to automatically format references, such as Citation Machine. Available at:


Please visit the Class Calendar for the project due date.
This project file must be saved and uploaded as a word processing attachment (a document). You can use any word processing software program you have available. If you save it in Microsoft Word, that is the easiest for me to be able to provide you with tracking feedback. However, to ensure that I (and future employers/clients) can always access your work and view it exactly as you designed it, it is recommended that you save and upload the file as a pdf file (.pdf). Most word processing software programs today have the capability to select SAVE AS….PDF in the Save File menu options. There is also a free, online service (PDF Online) available at:
Please use the Project 2 submission icon located in your weekly module to upload your project. Once submitted, the project should be graded within the week.
Project 2 will be graded using the grading rubric criteria below:


• Please contact me right away if you have any questions or need assistance with the completion or uploading of the project. Carefully review the Scholastic Dishonesty Policy (in the course Syllabus). Submitted projects must be each students’ original work and content that is summarized or quoted from other sources, must be properly cited using APA style.

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