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Prof Script

Conflict may occur in many different aspects of people’s lives, and how individuals respond to conflict may differ depending on the situation. This assignment provides the opportunity to apply what you have learned about team leadership and conflict resolution and management to a situation you may have encountered in your own life.

Review the Microsoft® PowerPoint® resources to enhance your presentation.

Consider a time you encountered a workplace situation in which there was conflict within a team.

Create a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on leadership and conflict management. Include the following:
Provide a brief summary of the conflict situation.

Describe the response of leaders to the situation, and based on their response, determine the leadership theory that they most likely employ. Provide a justification for your determination.

Describe how leaders can contribute to conflict resolution in this situation.

Describe methods of conflict resolution and management that either were utilized, or could be utilized in this situation.
Include detailed speaker notes for each slide.

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