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You’ve done a tremendous amount of planning, research, and strategizing in your role as the task force leader. It’s now time to bring it all together. You will create a presentation in which you synthesize your research and recommendations from the first three assignments, “United Airlines”.


As you know, the ability to create and deliver strong presentations is a critical skill for all managers, leaders, and employees. You can improve this skill through practice. In this final assignment, you will have the opportunity to hone your presentation skills.




Create a PowerPoint slide presentation with narration (8-10 slides recommended) for the Board of Directors. Include these components:

Use the executive summary from Assignment 3 to prepare and present the key elements associated with your research and recommendations.


Assignment 3 Executive Summary: ” United Airlines


Instituting a robust positive organizational culture is essential because it provides the fundamental ethical and moral operational standards that must be followed by everybody in the organization. Weaknesses within a corporate culture provide room for numerous crises either within the organization or between the organization and its stakeholders. Some organizations have found themselves at loggerheads with their customers because of weak organizational culture. An ideal example if United Airlines Inc. Strong organization culture is instituted by the executive management and followed by all other junior staff. Different people holding different positions possess certain powers that are bound to strengthen organizational culture if used effectively. For instance, positional power, expert power, and referent power are some of the sources of energy that can be used appropriately to build an influential organization culture. If power is misused within an organization, dangerous politics and power-play are likely to arise that might end, causing severe damages. While an organizational setup is fundamentally a political platform where people exercise different powers, it is essential to ensure that power is not misused.


Speaker’s Notes:


Include speaker’s notes for each slide (or a bulleted script if using video) to indicate what you will say as you deliver the presentation to the Board of Directors.




Deliver your presentation with professional presence.


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