Positive Guidance with Young English Language Learners

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Positive Guidance with Young English Language Learners
Standards / Key Elements
SS 3, 4
Read the scenario below, and answer the questions underneath the scenario.
Use Times New Roman Font at 12 points, double spaced, with 1 inch margins.
Be sure to answer each question in a scholarly and well thought out discourse,
in order to earn full credit. (If all points are not discussed, full credit will
MM) Use correct grammar, spelling, and sentence formation.
Proofread your work!
Janelle is a new student in Ms. Corinne’s classroom. Her family just moved to
America from France. She is extremely shy, generally quiet, and seems to like to keep
to herself. When asked to participate in an activity, Janelle often refuses- especially
when it involves large groups of children. She vigorously shakes her head in response
to anything Ms.Corinne asks her to do. Lately, she has resorted to crying and throwing
temper tantrums, especially when forced to join the group. To reduce the stress on
Janelle and the other children, Ms. Corinne lets Janelle out of the activity to allow her to
calm down. Ms. Corinne tries to explain to Janelle what she has to
do, but Janelle often looks at her teacher blankly. She does not respond to Ms.
Corinne’s questions or follow her directions. Ms. Corinne is becoming more and more
frustrated as the weeks progress.
1. Based on class discussion and notes, what are challenging behaviors new young
English language learners may exhibit within a classroom setting?
2. To what extent do you think Janelle’s behavioral difficulties
are due to language differences? Why do you believe this? Have you
seen children in this situation?
3. Based on the information you have learned about supporting English Language
Learners, list five supports that might help Janelle?

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