Benefits of Social Networking

Create a thesis (main point you want to prove.) Be sure to underline it. Make sure it pertains to interpersonal communication.
Find evidence/information from 4 sources to support your thesis.
Include examples and images.
Include a link to a Ted Talk, podcast, You Tube video, Film clip (possibly also from YouTube) that enhances what you are discussing. It

should reinforce the point you are making. I should be able to open the link to see what you are including as significant information for

your paper.
Don’t just mention the link; discuss its significance.
Include a slick image collage that visually shows your topic and emphasizes your thesis. It does not have to be filled with overlapping

images. Rather, place meaningful and thoughtful images on a regular sheet of plain white paper. Images can come from a variety of sources.

Position on the paper, color, lettering for any words should be thoughtful. We should be moved logically

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