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Each Question minimum 750 words

4- Suppose you are hired by a think tank as a foreign policy analyst. For your first assignment, your boss asks you to write a short brief discussing the rise of China in the Eurasian continent. Write this brief and make sure that the following issues are discussed in your brief: 1) how Chinese statemen envision the future of Eurasia from a geopolitical and geoeconomic standpoint; 2) How Russian-Chinese relations shape their regional approach to politics and security; 3) what issues and challenges will be China’s long-term security concerns; 4) what options Chinese statemen have in dealing with these security issues.

5- In traditional International Relations debates, “idealism” or liberal ideas are usually introduced as the counterpoint to IR “realism”. These perspectives often seek to identify conditions to create more peaceful international arrangements and society. Discuss some of the ideas/concepts/paradigms (at least 2-3) that are presented by these “idealist”/”liberal” perspectives. Explain how they formulate the causes of conflicts/problems in contemporary international society and how they seek to solve them. As always, using examples to demonstrate your knowledge is highly recommended.


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