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Poem analysis and reply to one student

Write poem analysis and reply to one student.

sign in broward college.

user: difec password:022000 after you put user and password its going to ask two questions which are what state were you born in? and Whats your moms first name? so question 1 is FL (written like that) second question answer is Katya. then your going to click on D2L. after clicking on d2l your going to scroll down and click on CRW1001. Your going to click on assessments and click on discussions. scroll down to unit 1 and click on poem analysis.

As part of this unit, you’ve been asked to read the following 6 poems, which are representative of the types of poems you have been asked to write yourselves (you may want to preview the assignment instructions for the two poems you’ll be writing this semester before completing this post):

Please provide your feedback on the author’s techniques in ONE of these poems. In doing so, please comment on how the poet has utilized the literary devices covered within this unit (line breaks, diction, figurative language, etc.) to marry form and content. Quote for support. Be sure to have read the Unit 1 lessons before completing your post. Original post should be at least 250 words in length.

For your peer review, choose one student’s post and respond thoughtfully.

Choose a piece that has not yet been reviewed. A piece should not receive a second review if another piece exists that has not yet been reviewed – comment on the new piece without a review first.


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