Peter Browning and Continental White Cap

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Continental White Cap


Read the “Peter Browning and Continental White Cap” case and submit a case analysis paper using the following guidelines:


I. Problem(s) you identified from the case
a. Macro: These are the major, overarching problems you see. You should strive to identify three primary issues
b. Micro: These are the less obvious, more nuanced issues that may be inferred. These may also be root causes of the greater aforementioned,

“Macro” issues above
II. Causes: Detail the reasons (causes) for these Macro and Micro problems. Address what caused these problems to arise in the first place (every

problem has a cause). Use the text findings as well as insert YOUR OPINION. Explain in detail why things you present/identify are a problem. Expand a

bit on diagnoses. As a business thinker, you are in the “business” of not only identifying problems, but explaining why they are an issue.
III. Organizational Systems Affected: These are specific factors that caused the organizational problems and/or exacerbated the Macro and Micro

problems. Explain each of these particular areas in your analysis.
a. Structural: Hierarchy, Organizational Structure, Reporting Structures, etc.
b. Psychosocial: Culture, Leadership, Team Dynamics, Morale, etc.
c. Technical: Systems, Technology, Hardware, Supporting Tools, etc.
d. Managerial: Approaches to management, oversight, measurement, monitoring, problem correction

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