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Persuasive Writing Assignment

Persuasive Writing Assignment

GOAL:Write a 4page research paper about a mass media-related problem.
In your paper, explain this problem, discuss possible causes, and propose one or more institutional solutions to solve the problem.


Research a problem which relates to one or more of the mass media. Be able to identify this problem with a specific sentence.
Examples:1.) The “live broadcast” has become a thing of the past, replaced with time-delay and a censor standing by.
2.) Illegal downloading of songs threatens to cripple the recording industry.


Your paper should be divided into five sections. Many of you will thus choose to have five paragraphs; you may choose, however, to divide each section into sub-paragraphs.The first section should gain the attention of your reader and introduce the problem about which you are writing. You may also want to justify why this topic deserves to be explored.

The second section should explain the problem and also explore the impacts of the problem. You might want to identify who is harmed, what different harms or potential harms may be incurred, and the scope and severity of these harms.Throughout your paper, use a highly structured writing style. Make a claim, and then support that claim with evidence. Begin your second section with a transitional sentence or internal preview which makes clear what impacts you will detail.

Examples:1.) The results of the death of “live broadcast” are an increased possibility for censorship of sensitive messages, and the death of an art form—the live performance.
2.) Illegal downloading of songs harms not only the many professionals who depend on song sales to make their livings, it also has the potential to seriously curtail musical expression in the future.The third section should discuss two or three likely causes of the problem you are exploring.When attributing a problem to causes, consider “what are the reasons this situation has gotten out of hand?” or “what factors in the status quo prevent this problem from being fixed?” Begin with an internal preview sentence which delineates the causes about which you are writing.
Examples: 1.) The reasons for this are two FCC decisions: the loosening of the definition of “obscenity,” and a steep increase in fines for stations which violate FCC standards.

2.)Technological innovations and a public resentment of the recording industry contribute to this problem.The fourth section should propose at least one institutional solution to your problem. Expand on your solution(s), and present research to support the feasibility of the solution(s).
Examples: 1.) The FCC should significantly lower fines for live broadcasts.

2.) To curtail this trend, the recording industry should include desirable nondigital features with cd’s, and shift focus toward streaming, “personal radio” formats.The fifth section should restate your thesis, and provide a conclusion for your paper.


Your paper should cite at least six credible, verifiable sources. I look for breadth in research, and I expect some library research to be done.

FORMAT:Please do not use a binder or other cover, just a single piece of standard white paper with your title, name, class information, and due date. Make sure your paper is longer than three typed pages, and no longer than four pages. Include MLA-format internal citations, and an MLA-format Work Cited page. (The Work Cited page does not count as part of your required page total.)GRADING:This paper is worth 100 points. Each of the following areas will be worth 25% of the grade:

1.) Mechanics(spelling, punctuation, MLA format, etc.)
2.) Following Directions(How well does your paper conform to the directions presented herein?)
3.) Analysis and understanding of mass media topic
4.) Logic(How well does the evidence you present support your claims? Do you avoid fallacious thinking?

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