Family Dysfunction


You need to select one (1) of the essay topics for the semester and write a 4-5 page essay outlining the process and the analysis of the topic. If you need assistance with writing and grammar, make sure to use the excellent services provided by the UTPB Student Success – Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Essays need to be formatted in the ASA style (see Resources tab). It must have all elements (cover page, essay (4-5 pages), and reference page/s all as one document. Your paper will need proper formatting, such as page #s, running head, headings, sub-headings, citations, etc.

Essays are to be completed in your own words. They need to be analytical rather than descriptive. A very common mistake is to write directly from the text. If you are quoting the text or any other source make sure to give credit to the person. Please remember that I am very familiar with your texts. See section on Scholastic Dishonesty (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for more information, and check the calendar for the due date.


Essay Topics  Choose only one topic


Module 1

  • Chapter 1:Trace the historical sociological applications of marriage and family.
  • Chapter 2:Present a narrative of how paid work has provided women the means of (choose one)
    1. Escaping patriarchal domination or domestic violence.
    2. Creating or furthering a new product, business, or industry.


Module 2

  • Chapter 3:Considering your own background, how would you identify and explain the sociological conditions of your upbringing in relation to changing gender roles. Did these conditions change over time and experiences, and if so how? You might choose to identify family, neighborhood, school, community, or workplace examples.
  • Chapter 4:What sexual revolutions might be identified today? If a Kinsey-style report were to be prepared, what issues of sexuality do you think would be studied? How would they be different than the Kinsey studies? Would they be as well received as the reports in 1948 and 1953? Why or why not.
  • Chapter 5:Compare and contrast the marriages of President George & Barbara Bush with that of President Bill & Hillary Clinton. Use a sociological approach and include elements such as education, employment, socio-economic status, religiosity, and historical family background.
  • Chapter 6:Compare and contrast divorce laws and social norms for either A, B or C.
    Portugal and Hungary
    B. Colombia and Turkey
    C. Abu Dhabi and Thailand


Module 3

  • Chapter 7:Are Stay-at-home dads a good idea for American families? Use your sociological imagination to support your answer.
  • Chapter 8:Trace your own life chances. Discuss those with positive, as well as negative outcomes. Include a myriad of examples from family, health, religion, neighborhood, education, mentoring, and employment. Identify both obvious and invisible life chances.


Module 4
  • Chapter 9:Of the following, choose one scenario and offer a solution to the dichotomous conditions faced between family structure and society’s constraints:
    1. How can a working mother have it all, a career and a home life?
    2. How can a non-custodial father create a stronger relationship with their child?
    3. How can workplace institutions foster a more family-friendly environment?
  • Chapter 10:What changes in American society have led to the rise of the twenty-four hour economy? How has this affected the labor force?
  • Chapter 11:Compare historical and contemporary issues related to substance use/abuse for one of the following groups. Be sure to address substance use/abuse factors.
    1. African American families
    2. Latino families
    3. Intergenerational families.
    4. Asian families
    5. Native American families
    6. Elderly
    7. People with disabilities
    8. LGBTQI
    9. Homeless persons
  • Chapter 12:Explain how and why substance abuse is a contributing factor towards prisoners’ families and children.


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