Personality Psychology

Personality Psychology

Guidelines for the Psychology Sub-fields Project:

This 120 point assignment has two parts: First, put together a PowerPoint presentation about the subfield (no more than 8 slides). Second, each student is required to write a ?process paper”

Each presentation should include:

1. A description of the subfield (more detailed than what is found in the text)

2. Day-to-day activities of professionals in the subfield

3. Education/degrees required and number of years including an internship if applicable

4. Employment outlook and salary range

5. Why you are interested in the subfield

6. Presentation to be saved as a pdf, and posted at the Subfield Presentations link in Module 7, name on the Title Slide.

7. Make an attractive and educational presentation: Use graphics, short bullet points of text, and cite your reference sources!

your process paper can be a 200 word essay on successful teamwork strategies. What WOULD have made you want to work with a team? Explain the ideal conditions for successful teamwork on an academic project like this one. What practical strategies and tools would make teamwork ?work? for you?

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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