Personal Planning Paper

Personal Planning

The Personal Planning Paper must be submitted in the assignment thread by the posted due date. This paper should be between 500 – 750 words using APA-style. Although a Cover page and Reference page are required, they should not be counted in the word count.
The paper will consist of three sections (please remember to include section headings):
1. The first section will be a “Time Analysis,” in which you will complete a time log, in table format (see sample below), that lists the number of hours you spent on the various activities in Week one (Monday through Sunday). Make sure it totals 168 hours (24 hours per day times 7 days). This figure should be included as an appendix at the end of the paper, after the Reference page and referred to in the body of your paper as “Figure 1 – Weekly Time Analysis.” Then, write a brief summary of what you learned from this analysis.

Activity # of Hours










Fig. 1 – Weekly Time Analysis

2. The second section will be “My Strengths.” Discuss your strengths and preferences at work. Include topics such as what makes you more valuable to your company than your co-workers? How do you prefer to be managed (e.g., directed, delegated to)? What is your dominant Management style?

3. The third section will be “My Professional Goal.” Detail your professional goals and include a list of tactics and target dates to meeting those goals. Make sure you state why these goals are important to you.

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