Personal and professional development reflection

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This assignment asks you to:

  • Write a reflection in Report format (DOCX 48KB)in which you reflect on what you have learnt in this unit.
  • Identify three entrepreneurs or business leaders whom you aspire to be like. You will paste copies of their LinkedIn Profiles into your assignment Appendix 1.
  • Reflect on the LinkedIn Profiles you have collected and identify three key elements to having a powerful and effective LinkedIn Profile and why you aspire to be like your chosen entrepreneurs or business leaders.
  • Using the Brand you LinkedIn mock up template (DOCX 114 KB), write your ‘Future Self’ Mock-up LinkedIn Profile (think about 5 years in the future). Identify what experiences, skills and knowledge you would like to gain. Fast-forward your life to 5 years in the future and imagine that your ‘Future Self’ has now gained the skills, knowledge, and experiences that enable you to write a mock-up future LinkedIn Profile that inspires you. Be sure that your Mock-up LinkedIn Profile has:
    • a profile that captures the essence of Brand You with the key strengths you have developed
    • a list of the professional experiences you have gained
    • organisations you have volunteered for
    • professional Associations of which you are a member
    • notable achievements.
  • Complete the Soft skills audit table (DOCX 51 KB). This should be attached as Appendix 2.
  • Use the Soft Skills Audit to prepare a Development action plan (DOCX 49 KB)so your ‘Future Self’ becomes a reality.
  • Reflect on how the readings and activities in this unit have assisted you to identify your personal strengths as well as inspired your personal and professional development.

Information sources you will find useful:

For identifying inspiring social entrepreneurs:

For identifying inspiring business leaders:

The readings listed in the Pre-work for this assignment will help you to work through some key questions on how to think about and develop yourself as a brand. These articles and others relevant and drawn from your own personal research need to be cited within your submission.

For assistance with referencing please go to Swinburne Harvard style guide (Links to an external site.).


Use the templates below to help you complete this assignment:


Assignment 3: Brand you – Personal and professional development reflection


Assignment 3: Brand you – personal and professional development reflection format


The suggested format for your submission is a report format per the table below.

Section   Content Number of Words
Introduction   Provide an introduction to your assignment, referring to relevant academic literature. 150
Core elements of an impressive LinkedIn profile   Using references provided, the LinkedIn profiles as well as other sources you have found, identify the core elements to a powerful and effective LinkedIn profile.

Present and discuss the profiles of 3 business leaders you inspiring. (Make sure you refer to the Profiles you have included in Appendix 1)

My future self   A succinct yet highly engaging mock LinkedIn profile that captures your personality and projects your emerging professional brand 200
Development Action plan 1. 2.       Once you have completed the Soft Skills Audit (see Table 1 below – which should be placed in Appendix 2 and is not counted in the word count) you can complete the Development Action Plan (see Table 2 which you can place into your report). You need to identify the skills, knowledge and experiences you feel you need to gain or develop over the next few years in order to have the ‘Future Self’ profile of which you will be proud. You can refer to your results from their skills inventories you completed for Assignment 1B: Pitch Yourself to identify areas for development. 300
Reflection   Based on your experiences and learnings in this unit as well as your research and readings explain how COM10011 has helped shape Brand You. You can also incorporate what you have learnt about yourself through Assignment 1B: Pitch Yourself and how you plan to use this either to ‘sell’ yourself and your professional skills, or to identify areas for improvement 500
Reference list   A full reference list of all cited references using Harvard referencing style Not included in word count
Appendix 1   Profiles of your inspiring business leaders Not included in word count
Appendix 2   Soft Skills Audit Not included in word count
  Total 1500





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