Patient Education: Hypertension Assignment

Activity B

Patient Education: Hypertension Assignment


The purpose of this activity is to provide the students with an opportunity to develop skill as a patient educator by using the professional literature to prepare a patient education pamphlet for a patient who has been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. In this assignment, the student will critically analyze data and evidence to provide health promotion and disease prevention education as a preparation to negotiating a plan of care.


  1. Review:

Eighth Joint National Committee (JNC 8) (2014). 2014Evidence-based guideline for the management of high blood pressure in adults. Retrieved from:


  1. Compose the text of a patient education pamphlet designed for patients newly diagnosed with high blood pressure (essential hypertension), based on the information available in the report and at least two other evidence-based professional sources from currentprofessional medical literature on high blood pressure. The pamphlet should include the definition, causes and sequelae of hypertension, should stress lifestyle and dietary interventions. It should be constructed for patient education, rather than as a scholarly paper. The format may be adjusted for patient convenience and readability. References must be cited in the text, and the presentation should be accompanied by a reference list in APA format.


The emphasis in scoring this assignment will be on the content, rather than on the graphic design of the pamphlet.


  1. Duplicate and submit hard copies of cover page of the materials from the two additional sources with the pamphlet.




  1. All specified aspects of hypertension are included 5 points


  1. The pamphlet is “client focused” and uses appropriate

language and format for patient education materials                                     5 points


  1. The information in the pamphlet is current and accurate             5 points


  1. There is appropriate selection, use and citation of resources                         5 points



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