Pastiche Book Cover

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Create a Pastiche Book Cover that pays homage to Bitch Planet Vol 1 (Bitch Planet Vol 1)

What is a pastiche? (Below are links to definitions and examples of a pastiche.)

A pastiche is an artistic (literary, musical, architectural, etc.) work that imitates the style of previous work. In this case, create a sustained treatment of a work in the form of a prequel, sequel, or additional chapter or scene.

Write of 4 page reflection of Bitch Planet Vol 1 & why the created illustration relate to the book.

  1. Your rationale for choosing your particular text
  2. What the pastiche accomplishes
  3. Explain how the artistic choice illuminate a significant aspect of the text it pays homage to
  4. How do the pastiche expands and/or challenges the world concepts of gender


Last Updated on September 24, 2019