Paper 3 (P3), The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Paper 3 (P3), The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Clearly, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is an examination of the duality of human nature. Make an argument
about the concept of duality both in terms of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and as a key part of Utterson’s

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Directions: For our final paper of the course, Paper 3 (P3), you’ll choose ONE of the 6 J ekyll/Hyde topics
below on the back of this page on which to write your 3 – 4.5 page persuasive Literary Analysis paper. This
paper is essentially exactly like your Paper 2 but with the added element of a scholarly source that is properly
documented in TWO ways: INSIDE the text using parenthetical citation (Stevenson 53) AND on the Works
Cited page at the back of your paper where you list the fully bibliographical information for the novel. This
time, the body of your paper and your Works Cited page will also contain the use of a scholarly source (so there
should be TWO entries total on your Works Cited page). As always, we’ll use MLA style for all elements of
this paper. Watch for additional Handouts to post that will help you with locating / using your scholarly source.
Specifications: Please take special note of the following points. Papers that do not adhere to the filllowing
specifications will lose significant points on this final assignment!


0 Typed (ONLY use 12 pt. size, Times New Roman font)

0 Double-spaced (but no extra spaces between paragraphs, under your title, or between the lines of your
heading in MLA style-simply double space every single line)

0 Heading in upper right-hand corner (your name, my name, assignment, date): double space the heading

o l~inch margins (you must change them manually in many instances)

0 An original title for your paper that makes us want to read more: good titles are somewhat short,
catchy, and indicative of what the paper is about. Capitalize the first, last and all important
words of a title; do not quote/underline your own title.

0 3 – 4.5 pages in length (intro, several paragraphs for body, conclusion), then a WC page at back


o A small but thoughtful introduction – include introductory remarks using the “funnel” style that
we’ve discussed before: open generally at first (but not =“toot“ generally), then start to narrow
your comments as you lead in to the thesis. Remember that the job of the introduction is to prepare
the reader for the thesis, so do not waste time on other things: stick to getting us ready for the thesis
and the ideas you’ll be launching there.

0 A thesis statement that lays out in Subject + Significance style (also previously discussed for Paper 2)
the argument that you will PROVE. Remember that in order for your paper to be successful, your
thesis must launch a genuine argument that someone could disagree with! Meaning, you cannot argue
a FACT because facts are not in dispute. Argue something that you have to PROVE in order for us to believe
you. For this final paper, we are requiring that you underline your thesis statement and actually separate
roar subject and sig nittcance with a + sign.

0 The body – a series of paragraphs which bring to light evidence that proves that your thesis is true.
Each body paragraph should contain the following FOUR elements: a topic sentence (first sent.) that
makes clear the focus for that paragraph (one of your reasons that proves the thesis); specific examples
and quotations_from the play or from your scholarly source (evidence to support that reason); your
thoughtful discussion of HOW that evidence works / proves your paragraph’s claim (analysis); a
connection/tie back to your overall thesis.

0 An insightful conclusion that leaves us thinking – a small but full paragraph that gives a finished feel
to the essay – may sum up the writer’s ideas or reflect on what’s been said in the paper or suggest how
your interpretations add to the our overall understanding of the topic; the conclusion should leave
readers thinking.

0 A correctly-formatted Works Cited page at the back of the essay (required). Again, you should
have 2 entries on your WC page-Stevenson’s novel and the scholarly source you’ve chosen to use.

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