Paper 1 – Classical Argument Essay

A lot of good arguments are spoiled by some fool who knows what he is talking about.
-Miguel de Unamuno
For your first paper assignment, you will write a 750 – 1000 word classical argument paper on an issue of your choice. The issue should explore a contestable topic (not a question with a clear yes or no answer) that can be supported with documentation and research.
An academic argument explores the happy medium between truth-seeking and persuasion. You, as a researcher, will seek the truth about your subject, agree on a stance, and persuade your audience to join your side.
An academic argument does not insult the opposing side, rant on without direction, debate pros and cons, or retell old arguments. A good argument supports the writers’ stance and considers alternative views to the issue or problem. The ‘truth’ is not always easily solvable and a third solution may exist.
Your introduction should capture the audience’s interest, give background details on your topic and provide your thesis. The body of your paper should use research and evidence to support your position and should address opposing views on your topic. You should also consider your audience’s beliefs and views.
Your paper should do ONE of the following:
1. Change the viewpoint of a resistant, opposing audience.
2. Persuade an uninformed audience to take your side. You must provide background information for this option.
3. Persuade an agreeing, informed audience to act. Why is your issue so urgent, why should readers act now?
Your topic is your choice but please avoid high school paper topics and DO NOT use a paper that you used in a previous class. Avoid topics like, abortion, gun control, birth control, marijuana, etc.). Check with me if you’re unsure about your topic.
Resources for Ideas on Topics
A good source for in-depth reports on today’s issues is CQ Researcher. Go to the Library Website and click on Databases. Click on “C” and find CQ Researcher.
You can also find good stuff by clicking on “O” and finding Opposing Viewpoints in Context.
Your paper must include at least ONE visual element (photo, cartoon, clipart, table, bar graph, chart, etc.). This should be placed directly under your title. If it is a photo, there must be a caption under the photo that takes your reader directly to the photo. Use Creative Commons to locate your photos.
In ENC 1101, you learned about brainstorming, research, prewriting and drafting, peer editing and rewriting, and the importance of time-management. For this paper, you will also make use of these ‘tools’. Work with your peer reviewers. Make global vs. local edits. Don’t start your research too late.
Your argument’s success depends on how much evidence you give and how well you support your claims with intelligent, academic research. You should develop a clear research question based on your initial findings. If you have any problems with your research question contact me before you begin your paper.
You must include a Works Cited page in MLA format and style and include no fewer than three secondary sources. No Wikipedia. You must give credit to your sources within the body of your work using in-text citations (either quoting, summarizing, or paraphrasing). Copying and pasting without sources or in-text citations are off limits. You will have access to the Turnitin Originality Report immediately after you submit your assignment, so please click on Submission Details to view the report. Please notify me immediately if you see that there is a problem with the originality of the report.
Any report that is over 15% copied from other sources will be considered plagiarized.
Paper Organization
I. Introduction
II. Reasons and support
III. Counter Arguments and Responses to Them
IV. Conclusion
Grading Rubric
20 pts. Introduction and Thesis
30 pts. Reasons and Support
30 pts. Counter Arguments and Responses to Them
30 pts. Organization and Fluency
30 pts. MLA Format, Grammar, Word Choice, and Mechanics
10 pts. Use of Sources


ARH 2000–Assignment 2 -TEMPLATE and COVER SHEET
[replace gray text and fill in blanks before submitting]

How to use this TEMPLATE:
• DOWNLOAD and SAVE the template file to your computer with your own filename (ex.: MarySmith Assign 2.docx .) Be sure you are using Microsoft Word ONLY to open this template (not Google Docs, Pages, Open Office or any other software).
• Cut/paste or simply write your paper into this file Once you have saved it with your unique filename, this template file becomes your paper file.
• Fill in blanks on COVER SHEET, before submitting. Delete or write over anything that is in gray (including these instructions). Items marked with an asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.
• For confidentiality reasons, do not put your name in the paper or the cover sheet – your paper will automatically be labeled with your name when you submit it in Canvas.
COVER SHEET InformationThis should appear as the first page of your paper
Your paper *Building number (what you are describing)
*Submission Date:
*Word count (excluding cover sheet and template text)

Your class section *CRN: #####
*Semester/year: Fall / Spring 201#
*Instructor Name:



Body of your paper: organize your work under the following headings
(use of headings is REQUIRED)





Please read the following statement carefully before you submit. It includes information specific to this paper. Submitting your paper for a grade constitutes your formal affirmation that you have read it and agreed to it.

 In submitting this paper to the Dropbox under my name, I am certifying that the ideas as well as the written words in this paper represent my own independent work done in accordance with University and Course policies on Academic Integrity.

I further confirm that I have neither sought inappropriate assistance nor provided unauthorized help to anyone else. I understand that submitting a paper that violates Academic Integrity policies, or enabling anyone else to violate Academic Integrity policies, during this semester or afterwards, can lead to a grade of 0 for the paper and further academic sanctions up to and including failure of the course and/or suspension or expulsion from the University.

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