Outline Essay

Create an outline

This assignment is about ads for technology products aimed at teens.

The thesis statements (Choose one): Technology advertisements aimed at teenagers are not ethical. OR Technology advertisements aimed at teenagers is ethical.

Ideally your outline will have 5 sections designated with Roman Numerals. The first(I) – Introduction should contain your hook and thesis.

II, III, and IV are body paragraphs and should begin with strong topic sentences and have some supporting details and research addressed.

V is your Conclusion with a restatement of your thesis.

When you address research from articles, please put a chunk of quotes to support the details when needed. (You must offer quotes and specific details from your research( correctly cited in MLA format) to support your points. You cannot expect your reader to take your word for it, you must “prove” what you are saying.)
Body paragraphs need to have strong topic sentences that are in support of your thesis.

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